Who are we?

labsFPMs - Faculté Polytechnique de Mons :The Polytechnic Faculty of Mons main activities in the electronics' domain are automation, speech, multimedia and telecommunications.

SEMi - Service d'électronique et de Microélectronique : The Unit research activities are focused on the development of methodologies, algorithms, devices and tools for the design of integrated circuits and systems with particular emphasis on the design of 4th generation wireless low-power platforms.

Mastering the development of nowadays complex electronic appliances, such as embedded systems including software, multiple cores (DSP, RISC), and application specific or reconfigurable hardware (CPLD, FPGA) or wireless communication devices is the challenge. This implies to take care of electronics design tools (EDA, ESL), specification languages (SystemC, Matlab, VHDL,) and methodologies, hardware architecture exploration and specialized IP (intellectual property) integrated circuits implementation.
The TI group supports companies on all those design aspects providing research, development and training on subjects such as:

  • Hardware and software solutions for signal processing
  • Base band IC for wireless communication
  • Integrated circuits for analog and digital systems (analog/mixed signals IP)
  • Embedded high performance reconfigurable systems
  • ESL/EDA design methodologies and validation tools

The work is organized around three axis, analog/mixed-signal IP, reconfigurable architectures on the digital domain and EDA/ESL modeling and verification tools for ASIC, System-On-Chip and embedded architectures.


  • Architectures: constraints based design approaches improving power consumption (embedded), computing power (reconfigurable), interconnection scalability (Network-on-chip NoC), and flexibility (System-on-chip SoC).
  • Analog/mixed signals integrated circuits: Analog base-band IP (ADC, filters, PLL, …) for wireless low power communication devices (standards like Zigbee, Bluetooth or Ultra-Wide-Band).
  • EDA/ESL: design automation tools, modeling and simulation languages (SystemC, UML, Matlab, VHDL, …), methodology and design flow, and system level synthesis and optimization.

Our focus is to provide all the required elements to build mobile platforms, including :

  • RF and base band analog building blocks (IP hard macros) :Focus on phy-layer for mobile/wireless low power.
  • Reconfigurable architectures : Multimedia and embedded systems, dynamic partial reconfiguration and application specific instruction set processors design.
  • Design methodology and validation tools (ESL, EDA) : Functional verification, synthesis, cosimulation, Matlab/SystemC modeling, platform based design, transaction level modeling, Network-On-Chip.

Application domains :

Biomedical engineering, automotive electronics, global navigation, traffic management and collision-avoidance, multimedia and telecommunications systems.

Objectives :

  • Have best students working on latest technology challenges providing innovative products.
  • Offer better training and carrier opportunities.
  • Pluri-disciplinary industrial/academia activities required to cope with evolution of applications and technologies.
  • Help European industry to outsource its long term R&D.

R&D :

The Unit entertains scientific cooperation with several universities located in Belgium , among which the KUL (Catholic University of Leuven), UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve) and ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and research activities along with several companies such as Philips, STMicroelectronics, CISSOID, Infineon, Agilent, and research institutes as IMEC.

Concerning applied research activities, the unit is currently participating on two Medea+ projects (4G-radio and Witness) dedicated to ultra wide band (UWB) and ZigBee wireless technology providing base-band and mixed-signals IP, and industrial R&D collaboration on the medical, civil radar technology and HDTV domains.

Recent projects:

  • Advanced IC for 4G wireless communication systems (4G-Radio Eureka project)
  • Architectures and robust circuits for wireless communication on extreme conditions environments (CROTALE – Witness Medea+ projects)
  • Multimodal real time fret trafic control and management system (TRANSLOGISTIC RW)
  • SDR software defined radio architecture (SKYWIN TELECOM RW)
  • Security aspects and ethic usage of RFIDs (E.USER RW WIST 2)