Nsilition :

nSilition_logo_littlenSilition develops and supports a range of high performances data converters semiconductor hard macro (A/D and D/A IP blocks).

Our low power and very high speed ADC cores are relying on our proprietary architecture enhancements to meet the lowest power figure. With resolution ranging from 10b to 14b and sampling rates of 200Mspls/s or more, these CMOS ADCs IPs are enabling new opportunities for any bandwidth demanding portable application.

nSilition licences all its data converter IP blocks to any SoC (System on a Chip) and ASIC design company or OEM manufacturer.

nSilition also provides all the necessary companion Analog hard macro blocks (LNAs, PGAs, filters, references, PLLs, etc...) depending on the specific need of the customer.

nSilition combines an engineering team owning several years of industrial experience with innovative design architecture and a specific design tool flow to deliver a high quality Analog and Mixed-Signal IP blocks and IC design service.