Concerning applied research activities, the unit is currently participating on twMedea+ projects (4G-radiand Witness) dedicated tultra wide band (UWB) and ZigBee wireless technology providing base-band and mixed-signals IP, and industrial R&D collaboration on the medical, civil radar technology and HDTV domains.


Our focus is tprovide all the required elements tbuild mobile System-On-Chip platforms, including :

  • RF and base band analog building blocks (IP hard macros). Focus on phy-layer for mobile/wireless low power.
  • Reconfigurable architectures. Dynamic partial reconfiguration and application specific instruction set processors ASIP design.
  • Design methodology and validation tools (ESL, EDA). Functional verification, synthesis, cosimulation, Matlab/SystemC modeling, platform based design, transaction level modeling, Network-On-Chip.


RF and base band analog building blocks (IP hard macros) :

  • Focus on phy-layer for mobile/wireless low power.
  • Work ongoing : design of low power 10b >100Ms ADC for 4G radiapplications and design of LNA and PA for multi-band low power transmitters.
  • Target: multi(broad)band applications.
  • Challenges : Configurability, power reduction techniques, reusability.


  • Medical domain: remote monitoring/diagnostic
  • Low power medical monitoring/positioning device automatically collaborating tdifferent applications in the home or in the hospital :
    • Get position inside the building (IEEE 802.14a ?, UWB ?)
    • Access data through a PDA (Bluetooth/Zigbee/WirelessUSB)
    • Access data through the Internet (WLAN/WirelessUSB).
    • Access data through the medical equipment transponders.
    • Alert through GSM network (SMS or WAP).
  • Security and industrial control: monitoring and control.
  • Mobile communication: reconfigurable platform
  • Mobile videbroadcast: low power DVB-H receivers. Phy layer platform for handheld devices (3.5G ?).
  • Multi-standard phy layer addressing WLAN and WirelessUS