December 18th 2015

As part of the organizing committee, it is a pleasure to kindly invite you to the Reconfigurable Market day held in Mons, Belgium on Friday the 18th of December 2015. This seminar day is an opportunity to learn more about embedded systems (especially FPGAs), the research in this field and how industry can benefit from these systems. Speakers from research and industrial partners would be happy to present to you the recent advancements in embedded systems technologies, tools and applications.
To register in this event, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or myself This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your full name, affiliation and institute you are coming from not later than the 15th of December 2015. You can find more information, location and the preliminary program of this event in the attached program and poster flyers.
Do not hesitate to transfer this invitation to whomever you think might be interested in this event!


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November 2015

IEEE Cloud Computing Call for Papers
Cloud Computing for Enhanced Living Environments: Algorithms, Architectures and Platforms (Cloud4ELE)
Submission deadline: 1 April 2016 • Publication date: November/December 2016
The concept of Enhanced Living Environments (ELE) promotes the seamless integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) within context-aware homes and residences, with the aim of constructing smart environments around assisted people (for example, the elderly and people with disabilities) to help them maintain an independent or more autonomous lifestyle, reduce the corresponding costs of health and social care, and achieve improved quality of life and advanced autonomy, mobility, social interaction, self-con­fidence, independence, and social inclusion.
The computation power made available by highly advanced datacenters can now be brought closer to the user, thanks to mobile platforms. And the actual interconnection between mobile and cloud systems is made possible by combining the capabilities of individuals, as they interact with each other and their information, through well-design ubiquitous technology. Platforms of tomorrow will bene­fit from this combination, through the help of new models for understanding the environment (such as participatory and opportunistic mobile sensing), performing computation (such as mobile cloud computing), or even exchanging data (such as mobile ad hoc networks).
The goal of this special issue is to bring together state-of-the-art research efforts describing original and unpublished work that addresses advanced cloud computing challenges and solutions for ELE realization. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:
• Computational intelligence for smart ELE
• Cloud-based architectures and platforms for ELE
• Cloud-based testbeds, prototypes, and practical systems
for ELE
• Smart sensing and monitoring within ELE
• Adaptive mobile cloud computing
• ICT instrumentation and middleware support for smart ELE
• Mobile applications, networks, and systems
• Applications to ambient assisted living environments
• Human-computer interaction within ELE
• Multimodal user interfaces for ELE
• Ef­ficient algorithms for ELE data collection, fusion,
and mining
• Innovative cloud services and applications for ELE
• Multimedia content delivery
• Services for location and context sensing and awareness
• Security and communication aspects related to ELE
• Performance evaluation of existing cloud computing
technologies for ELE
Special Issue Guest Editors
• Florin Pop, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
• Carlos Valderrama, University of Mons, Belgium
• Kiril Belov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
• Ivan Ganchev, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland
• Beniamino Di Martino, Seconda Università di Napoli, Italy


Octobre - Decembre

Cours Androidimage013



Salon Semicon Tawain at Umons (document)




Microphone Array sound localization with GCC in real time


Soirée Creactif Android 2014 organisée au sein du Semi.

20141021 200151

20141021 200048

Le soirée de présentation des ateliers créactifs de ce lundi a fait salle (Macquet) comble.
Un sondage rapide à main levée à montré 70% FPMs, 30% autres (UMONS, ARTS2, UValenciennes, HEH)
Proportion estimée des cours qui seront suivis :

  • Processing : 15 personnes
  • PureData : 5 personnes
  • Arduino : 25-30 personnes
  • Android : 20 personnes
  • OpeFrameWorks : 10 personnes


eVanescens, the media art opus for augmented cello, voice, and video by Todor Todoroff, Laura Clomenares Guerra and Sigrid Vandenbogaerde, will be performed during the BEAM concerts associated to the NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) international conference, on June 30th, 2014. The augmented Cello features the inertial sensors developed by NUMEDIART for the Orchestra project.



Xilinx workshop in UMONS





Visite au SEMI de la mission AWEX-Taipei-CIECA Silicon Touch Taiwan en Belgique le 9 mai 2014

  • Silicon Touch Technology Inc.: Mr. C.Y. CHIN (Chairman) & Ms. Julia PAN (Marketing Manager)
  • Awex: Michele (Taipei), P. Han (TRO), T. Ronse (Brussels), I. Pollet, and E. ROBERT (Mons)
  • Umons: C. Valderrama (Head of Department Electronics & Microelectronics Umons), F. Dualibe (Professor), S. Dupont N-Silition
  • (Umons' spinoff): T. Delmot (General Manager and co-founder) and C. Vanden Bosssche (Business)

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DiTSE project recevies the prestigious ITEA Silver Award 2012

The DIYSE project was awarded the prestigious ITEA Silver Award 2012.

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Each year, the ITEA Achievement award highlights very successful projects with outstanding contributions to the ITEA programme. Major factors include innovation, exploitation and dissemination. As ITEA aims to make Europe’s industry more competitive, effective industrial exploitation of project results is crucial.
The Internet of Things (IoT) marks the next major revolution in worldwide connectivity. The ITEA 2 DiYSE project has developed a technical platform to overcome barriers to user-generated IoT applications for ordinary people, developers and other ecosystem actors alike. Key outcomes are a live public experimental Internet site and a series of underlying technical assets, many already being exploited.


DiYSE wins the ITEA2 Exhibition Award 2010!

At the ITEA2-Artemis Co-Summit that took place on October 26-27 in Ghent, Belgium, visitors elected DiY Smart Experiences to win the Exhibition Award for the best and most understandable project showcased at the event. The two-day Co-Summit focused on scalability and growth in software-intensive systems and services. The event included the biggest exhibition of funded collaborative research, development and innovation projects in software-intensive systems & services and embedded systems in Europe. Exhibitors included 70 ITEA and ARTEMIS projects as well as national competitiveness clusters, Flemish projects, several EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) projects and EUREKA. Over 600 R&D actors and policy makers from industry, research organisations, academia and public authorities from Europe and further afield participated.


Link : here

As every year, AGC Europe offers internship opportunities within its research center in Jumet (Charleroi) to graduate students. You will find a detailed list in the attached document. AGC Europe is the European leader in the production of glass for automobiles, buildings (outside but also inside and decorating) and solar panels. Its research center's mission is to develop tomorrow's products. 50% of the bestsellers of the next decade have not yet been invented. We are looking especially for students in chemistry, materials science, numerical simulation, thermal and combustion science but not exclusively. Candidates may contact me by sending their CV, a short letter of motivation, and their preferences for maximum 5 themes until March 30 to this mail address : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Selection process is then CV screening and then interview (eventually by phone) before giving formal approval.

In the framework of  175th anniversary celebration of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Mons, we have the pleasure to invite you to a one-day symposium gathering together academic and industrial experts, researchers and Ph.D. students around the future of processors and computer systems. This event will mix talks about electronic, computer science, both at the environment and the application levels.

Location : Université de Mons, Belgium


Link :


01.11.2012 : DiYSE Project has received the "ITEA Achievement Award 2012".



12.01.2012 : The MUSICS Graduate School is pleased to announce the following

IDESA course (IDESA - Implementation of widespread IC DEsign Skills in advanced deep submicron technologies at European Academia.) link

Course: Advanced Analog Implementation flow

Description: Analog circuit design simulation and layout for 90nm and below.

The analog course has excellent credentials, and is one of the top analog design courses available in the market (link)

The 5-day Advanced Analog Implementation Flow course will start with a short overview of the 90nm IC process flow, it will cover modelling issues, hand calculation versus simulation accuracy, transistor level and behavioral level design, analog cell trimming using digital functions, mixed mode simulation, mismatch and yield modelling and analysis, and analog modelling and circuit optimisation (link)

Location : Université de Mons, Service d’Electronique et Microelectronique, 31 Bd Dolez, Mons, Belgium

From: 06-Feb-2012

To: 10-Feb-2012


27.10.2010 : ITEA2-Artemis Co-Summit (aka ITEA2 Symposium), among the nearly 60 stand at the ITEA2 floor, one project received the Exhibition Award 2010: it was: DiY Smart Experiences !



21.07.2010 : Design for Manufacturing flow - The essential primer for 65nm and 45nm design

Our department will oragnise the international Idesa Course on June 2011 (official website).

10.05.2010 : Presentation of Electronic department to the Hainuyer Pole



16.12.2009 : Idesa Course Organisation -  Advanced Digital Physical implementation flow (more...)




03.07.2009 : IDESA Course Group Picture

IDESA 2009

Big format

29.06.2009 : Implementation of widespread IC DEsign Skills in advanced deep submicron technologies at European Academia - Advanced Analog Implementation flow training

25.03.2009 : École Doctorale Musics - demi-journée de formation doctorale FPMs Mons 2009 - "architectures multiprocesseurs : outils et applications"

19.11.2008 : FETCH 2009 - Ecole d'hiver Francophone sur les Technologies de Conception des Systèmes Embarqués

09.05.2008 : Workshop with M. Christian Ibala from Xilinx UK about :

  • "Design Debugging in Real time Using Chipscope"
  • "Partial Dynamic Configuration"
  • "Embedded processor"